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「金山タイム」③ 英語圏の文化












 Loco Moco & Aloha!!!


Now a word from the local Hawaiian, Jarin. I was really happy that we were given the opprotunity to make one of my favorite dishes back home. Typically, a loco moco is just a rice bowl with hamburger, onions and mushrooms, eggs, and gravy. But with this version, Hawaiian people think this as the Japanese version with the addition of Spam, bacon, and egg fried rice with chicken katsu. For our version, I optted out the addition of bacon because I feel with all the other ingredients may be too heavy for the students' first time eating loco moco. It brought back many nostaglic memories. You can't beat mom's cooking. And when I first took a bite from our proud creation, I teared up as I imagined I was back home at the dinner table with my family. And, as you could guess, I was the first one to finish my loco moco. Akashi sensei was a close second. I was not expecting the students to finish all of their food, but, to my surprise, one boy finished his quite quickly! And slowly but surely, another dramatically finished his an hour later. The rest had to take the rest of their's to-go. At the end of the day, the boys looked so full that they didn't want to stand up. Akashi sensei and I felt the same way. Overall, it was really fun to make and eat this deadly but delicious dish.


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