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The Ultimate Aussie Burger with the Lot Making

TGIF!!! Today, on Friday, May 26th, in the selective English class of the 3rd Year, we made hamburgers. However, it was an Aussie burger "with the lot" that Akashi Sensei knew when he lived in Australia, not an American nor Hawaiian one that I am familiar with. In an Aussie burger, there is all the regular toppings for a typical big burger: lettuce, tomato, onions, pickles, bacon, cheese, and eggs. However, in an Aussie burger, there is also beet root and pineapple! I was very skeptical when Akashi Sensei told me the recipe, but his excitement for this class convineced me to at least try it.

At first, the students learned how to make one by reading the recipe and watching some Youtube videos in English, and then, moved to the school kitchen.

To me, it was my first experience to have beet root and grilled pineapples in a hamburger, but they were actually really good!

Here the students are preparing the ingredients for the burger.

He is really focusing on his food.

I also helped in making fries for them to eat on the side of their burgers.

Almost finished. They look very hungry. Oh, there is one boy who has already started eating...


The artists and their art.

Now, let's enjoy eating!


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