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Macho Class

Look at these macho men! Today, I wanted to treat the 3rd Year English Selective Class the basics of gym English (i.e. muscles, weightlifting, and famous bodybuilders) because these future athletes will hopefully move on to the international stage with our nationally famous ski team. Then, we moved our classroom to the gymnasium to do a little weightlifting workout!

They look a bit confused...maybe weightlifting isn't what they're used to.

The students fill in the worksheet with the names of muscles and exercises in English. They were told to write today's workout and what muscle is being worked out. Since this is some of their first time with weightlifting training, I wanted to introduce the main lifts of weightlifting. I think they are just trying to stall from training.

Now, for the workout! They look stronger already. We did bench press, barbell row, bicep curls, and back squats.


GO! The fellas decided they wanted to do 3 sets of 10 repetitions, which I told them that is the basic standard strength building routine for weightlifting.

It's my (Jarin's) turn, next! Thanks spotters! The fellas were really surprised at how much I can lift, calling me bakemono or monster. But if they continue to train like today, I know they can outlift me one day. But today is not that day haha.

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