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Restaurant Expressions

The third collective class studied English vocab and culture through roll playing a restaurant scenario. The third-year classroom restaurant became a dessert café where the students enjoyed American-made cheesecake while learning restaurant vocab. The students started out as customers, and I served them while teaching them the proper behavior expected at a restaurant in the U.S. Students practiced ordering from an English menu, calling over the waiter, leaving tips and other parts of the American restaurant experience. They used monopoly money to pay and even took the time to calculate the expected 15% tip.

After the students finished their meal, they took turns roll playing as hosts, waiters/waitresses/ and chefs. The students enjoyed the cheesecake and the chance to learn more about western culture in a real-life situation. Learning English is much more than just studying from a textbook. It’s also about learning about the world through intercultural exchange. (ALT, Emily Negus)


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