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Video Call to NY

Long time no post!

This class in Selective English II, we have one student and an unfamiliar face. It is my friend Calise from America! Before this class, I have given the student a project about a place he would want to visit anywhere in the world. And surprisingly he chose the Big Apple, New York. He made a detailed itinerary about the places he wanted to go, the food he wanted to eat, and the sights he wanted to see. He even wrote out how he would get to each place, including flights, buses, and subways he would need to take. While he was working on his project, I remembered that I have a friend who lives in New York. Calise was an ALT at Shinjo Kita, and we are good friends. She lives in Queens, which is a residential area in New York City. I asked her if we could do a video call for him and give him any advice or recommendations he would need for New York. And thankfully she said yes! He had finished up his project and presented his itinerary to Akashi sensei and me, and I told him that I was going to call my friend from New York and have the student's first international english conversation video call. At first, he seemed nervous, but Calise was very friendly and they had a nice conversation about New York. They talked about where the best pizza place is, how to get to certain areas, and a bunch of local reccomendations. We are so grateful for Calise calling us from the other side of the world. We called Calise at 12:00 in Japan, but New York is 13 hours behind due to the time difference, so Calise answered our call at 23:00! Thank you Calise for staying up to talk with him! I am sure he learned a lot about New York and gained confidence in talking with foreigners from this project. Good job!



project workの一環で、予算1500ドルで自分が行きたい国への itineraryを英語で作成するという活動をしました。完成したものをプレゼンし、実際にNY在住の方にお薦めの観光スポットや食べ物、レストラン、流行などについて、英語で質問してみるという試みです。緊張しながらも、なんとか必要な情報を得ることができました。Good job!


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